The Chosen Commander

People at Runescape have posted consumers final mission in the long term quest series, recapping previous events and guiding players towards the final chapter.

Since Dorgesh-Kaan made connection with the top, the cave goblin adventurer Zanik has helped to defend the location from Sigmund’s villainous plots. RuneScape gold. Now Zanik has disappeared, her fate and whereabouts unknown, and Dorgesh-Kaan might be more vulnerable than ever.

Captain Undak on the Dorgeshuun guard is responsible for the city’s defences, and that he needs your assist to investigate a possible HAM attack – but this can only are the start of this adventure. The mystery of Zanik’s disappearance will probably be resolved, as well as the truth behind a goblin prophecy will likely be revealed, as events move inexorably for the realisation of Zanik’s destiny. Your adventures would include the invention of any new Agility course, learning more to do with the in the Dorgeshuun, and uncovering the plots of the Big High War God.

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hare your RuneScape memories 2

“I became component of Devious Mud beta program, though I like the pre-eoc servers. Hell, even pre-ge times were great, going to world 2 would be a beast though, looking to decipher who’s selling or buying what.”
“I recall messing around with friends in the past, doing quests and seeing how the game got a lot more “fancy”. one day just playing like every other day, then *BOOM* fancy update appeared.But a few things i remember above all would be the endless hours i oftentimes tried, killing lesser demons back before EoC.”
” I remember if your boogey bow was F2P. Full rune costs around ~180k gp. Holiday events that was entirely F2P, everyone got each of the possible rewards from it. The old dance emote. The old armor looks with the plumes. Muddy key would have been a myth it can be expensive. That Jagex said Runescape 2 can be FREE, these days there are Runescape 3 for F2P and P2P and Runescape 2(Old school) is made for P2P.”
“Going before they said RS2 would remain free if people voted because of it, the trainer told us Runescape 2 would Be free. Whether or not this was always free, they don’t really must have people vote into it, the having people voting correctly was an forced choice give RS2 the opportunity to turn to P2P, if it works out P2P, the members can’t really blame Jagex because of it. The voting so that it is F2P was just to have increased revenue(whether it proved P2P) and free advertisement since people would mention it to people and attempt to cause them to become vote.”
“When every moment was set with planning, action ,and excitement where Guards has a purpose and you also could possibly be attacked anywhere. When training on Black Knights was the important challenge.”
“I remember the times people use dragon claws/armadyl godsword special attack to knock cold others in pvp(wildy, soul wars, etc) that slice and dice(4 swift slashes) or the judgement(1 powerful slash) can deal lots of destruction of opponent with a few game ticks
and all sorts of other Rs Goldspecial attacks(e.g. korasi sword, saradomin sword, etc)…truly amazing
Jagex, you made EoC into RS(removed special attack), have you forgetten to feature passive effect towards the weapons that had special attack? (I appreciate you add the passive effects into godswords, but you have forgotten dragon claws, saradomin sword, and whatever else that falls into this)”

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Main features of the upcoming 6.2 patch

The new 6.2 patch is already on PTR and anyone can test it. Also, if you want to read the complete patch notes you can find them on the official website.

Everything is based on the PTR patch notes and in-game tests, and we can’t be sure that everything it’s going to be on live realms.

These are the 6.2 patch highlights:

New Area: The Invasion of Tanaan Jungle
This new area is going to be available for characters with level 3 garrisons
To get there you have to build a shipyard in your garrisons (read below)
Hidden treasures, quests, and rare creatures will wait for us here
Garrisons additions
The shipyard – new building
You can start building it in a level 3 garrison
You can access the new Naval Missions with it.
New Raid: Hellfire Citadel
13 bosses: Kilrogg Deadeye, Gorefiend, a reanimated Mannoroth, and Archimonde.
New Dungeons Difficulty: Mythic
Weekly lookouts
680 iLevel drops (chances of 700 iLevel items from the last boss)
New tool: Adventure Guide
With this tool you can find what’s best for your character development in-game.
Legendary quests: The final chapter
In 6.2 we’ll finish our legendary rings.
We’ll come with more details and footage on as many of these features in the future articles.

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RS Summer Special Membership Comes with Enlightenment Aura & Cosmic Foresight

Are you a member of RS 3? Well, yes or not, it is good time to get cheaper membership with the coming of summer special membership! The three-month membership package will only charge for 2-month price, while bringing you Enlightenment aura, Cosmic Foresight and more contents. Stock cheap rs 3 gold and be ready for this summer’s red-hot contents!
Available contents for this summer special membership

Summer in RuneScape is a membership promotion offering benefits to those who purchase a special membership package. As usual, this summer in RuneScape brings players many contents, including Tuska, a Grandmaster quest about Seren, Raids, and a whole lot more. In addition, you will also access to Enlightenment aura and benefit from Cosmic Foresight. Note that the package is available from 26th May and the three-month membership will begin on June 1 and end on August 31.

1. According to the previous announcement, the Enlightenment aura will be reduced to one hour. But as usual, it will be activated one time per week, grant you double XP gains. Note that the aura, and it will recharge (finish its cool down) every Wednesday.

2. Cosmic Foresight will be activates automatically during this three months, giving you a chance for a meteorite, inside which you’ll be able to gain a healthy lump of XP, as well as a mysterious relic. You can use this relic for benefits coming in a future update, or crush it for a little XP.

Details of buying the special membership package

1. Price: Gold Premier Club member or players who have been a member for 12 months consecutively as of 10:00 UTC on 26th May 2015 will be given the aura and Cosmic Foresight for free, while others need to buy it at a price of two-month membership.
2. Payment way: credit card, PayPal, red 90/100 day game cards, or any alternative payment methods. What’s more, it can be purchased for RS3 or OSRS with 5 Bonds, which is good for people that exchange runescape gold for bond membership. Note that Old School Bonds redemption is not available until 28th May.
3. Available buying time: it is available to buy until mid-July. Only thing to note here is that the aura and Cosmic Foresight will cease to give their benefits on the 31st August, regardless of time of buying.

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Behind The Scenes In January 2015

Today Jagex has released the new plans for the new Runescape in January 2015. In addition to new boss pets you expect the revision of rare and elementary prey lists as well as the expansion of the harbor player. Read on if you want to know more!
Boss Pets
26 mini-versions of some of the most fearsome creatures from the game? Yes, please! It is the biggest update for new pets, which we have implemented incantation into play since the publication of the craft, but these little villains are much more exclusive than usual.
You only get it as a rare drop by defeating their larger, more dangerous counterparts in the game. A huge range of new pets waiting for you, including a mini-Nex, mini-Araxxi and the fantastic looking tiny queens Black Dragon.
We are planning a revision of the loot lists, this time at the elementary and rare loot list, which refers to hundreds of creatures in the game. Many of the older, slightly more bizarre loot items are removed from the game and replaced by much more useful objects such as bones, bars, uncut gems and potions. Among the creatures that are affected include, among other things, jelly, Dust Devil Devil and water.
Hati and Sköll
The wolf pack is back and plagued the Fremennik tribe once again with his sharp teeth and blutgefrierendem whining. You will only be for a few weeks in January in the game, so take heed that ye find them during this time, so that you can you get Eirs spear and helmet.
It offers you nice XP rewards in a range of skills, as well as some pretty great ornaments, if you have not brought you this in past years.
Players port expansion – The guardians of the world
Our main update in January is a huge expansion of the players ports for which you decide you had her in the most competitive coordination of last year. Skill, Dungeoneering and mysticism will be the associated skills, so you need at least level 90 in one or more of these skills to use these game content.
But perhaps the best aspect of this update is the ability to complete missions without having to return to the harbor player, which you can manage your player harbor a lot easier as you normally carries on with your Scapen. There will also be a number of small improvements that you get really wind in the sails.
We will introduce 3 new crazy adventure – an eyeless man who is possessed by a mask, a girl, which consists entirely of mystical energy, and plagued by guilt Gorajo in exile. They all have unique missions and connections to the strange sea creatures that roam the eastern seas.
For new equipment include two-handed weapon Level 85: a katana wakizashi and for close combat and a Seesänger wand and a Seesänger Ball for magic. There will also be completely new scrimshaw for fishing.
We will also introduce new ‘Note missions’, where you will find cryptic clues to hidden islands. Once you’ve discovered it, you can visit them regularly to improve your stats to remove Captain attributes and possibly find Tengu trim equipment.
In addition, you’ll get more access to other building improvements player port itself, which really look great AND have an impact on your success in your missions.
Salomon shop
Coming Soon RuneScape – RuneLabs!
Earlier this year, we will publish the RuneLabs: our new action to bring ‘Player of the power’ to the next level. You will able to submit your ideas using a completely new system and the proposals that receive the most support from your fellow players are then reviewed by us and – possibly – integrated in the game!

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