Players who’ve logged into Dark Age of Camelot since yesterday will have met a stylish new NPC in the Mularn, Cotswold, and Mag Mell, as Broadsword has added a tribute character to the game in its latest update.

A quest NPC named Renvek Larson honors a six-year-old boy by the same name who’s battling ganglioneuroblastoma, a rare brain tumor. “Renvek got his name from his father’s own Dark Age of Camelot character,” says Broadsword, “and we are proud to honor the request to put an NPC that suits his playful nature into the game.”

Renvek’s father explained his son’s story and thanked Broadsword on Facebook. Read that and then go hug your kids.

In other patch news, the Otherworlds content also received a difficulty adjustment pass, and Darkness Falls (oh man, remember Darkness Falls?!) will open for all realms for the upcoming event weekend.


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PLAY NEVERWINTER FOR FREEThe upside of having a system to vote-kick players in Neverwinter is that abusive players can be identified and removed from a run before they ruin the experience. The downside is that players can also vote to kick out others just as loot is being distributed, thereby opening the doors to a whole different sort of abuse. Thus, the game’s vote-to-kick system is being revised in the near future to curb loot-related exploits.

Vote-kicking players will no longer be possible while loot is being rolled for or while players are in the middle of a boss fight, thus preventing two rather common forms of griefing. The change will be rolled out shortly before the Strongholds patch on the PC, with an Xbox patch and announcement coming “soon.” Hopefully, this will curtail abuse of the abuse-prevention system, because nothing is ever easy.


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PLAY TERA FOR FREEWhat’s summer without a party or two? That’s TERA’s thinking, as the action MMO announced that it’s dealing a one-two punch of celebratory fun this month.

TERA has reactivated two of its summer events, starting with the Festival of the Sun. Here players can eradicate vermin in a temple, clean up graffiti, and snack on a few icy desserts. Then there’s a beach party at Dragonturtle Beach, which features several mini-games including a splash cannon, watermelon smashing, and sandcastle building.

Of course, there are rewards to be obtained for undertaking the various related quests and minigames. Both events will be around until near the end of August.


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PLAY WORLD OF TANKS FOR FREELook away from Pluto for five seconds because we’re approaching another big astronomy milestone: the 46th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. Wargaming is celebrating the moment by adding Lunar Mode back to World of Tanks on the Xbox 360.
“While more than 40 years ago man first set foot on the Moon in a bid for adventure and discovery, today marks a return to the lunar surface for the singular goal of combat. Starting July 17 and running through July 20, players who log into the game will receive the exclusive M24 Lunar, a Tier 9 medium tank built exclusively for combat in space. Equipped with a high-tech blaster, this tank is capable of distributing punishment of the laser variety, perfect for eliminating the opposition on unforgiving lunar terrain.”


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Petition To See New Engine Welcome A New Server In Anarchy Online

The long-running success of Funcom’s science-fiction MMORPG game Anarchy Online is set to continue following a recent update that provided the community with the option of downloading an new engine version of the game on the live servers. The installer itself is a little under 5 GB but the full installation size is a little heftier, coming in at around 23 GB.

The new engine update impacts practically every area of the game with smoother combat, a noticeable improvement in graphical quality, smoother transitions and better loading times. For full details on the engine check out the official patch notes.

Just before the update was live members of the Anarchy Online took to Reddit to share their sentiments on a potential fresh start server to take full advantage of the new engine, although official stance on the topic is yet to be made clear.

Know I’m not the only one around here who used to play AO like it was EverCrack. However, since I’ve been gone so long I feel completely disconnected from the current live server. Would it be of interest to launch a NEW server, kind of akin to the whole “Time Locked” craze going on right now except it isn’t a TLP server….just a normal everything-unlocked new server :D?


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