Discussing the Time Line of wildstar

Bronze Dragon had said, we must ensure that the irreversibility of history, if changed wildstar gold will undoubtedly arise “butterfly effect”. However, it seems to have conflicts with “the futures”, for which Blizzard add to “parallel universe”. As we all know, our space is actually composed of multiple “parallel universes”. The multiple “parallel universes” are different between each other. The world we lived may be changed in another “parallel universe”. In fact, the people can travel to any “parallel universe” and each travel would made influence. After all, each “parallel universe” has its own history. The world that bronze dragon said: “we have to protect history from being changed.” If not keep the history, it would be difficult to determine which history is right in a parallel.
If travel time to the past, it would be easier to understand. That is because many players have seen its existence. However, if we travel time to the future, the future world be the world we seen? What is the connection among past, now and future? This question has bothered us for a long time. If the future world is destined to be like that, and then what we doing now is any meaning for the future? Maybe the future we predicted will become true. I am afraid that Blizzard also has a lot of confuse about time. In terms of the current human’s cognitive range, all the forecasts are obviously are “fantasy”. What Blzzard has to done is just take care of the development of game plots, but that’s all. The “time line” of WOW is full of mystery which attracts many players. From this perspective, it was because of the unknown that inspired the players explore the game. If the time coming when players beat Titan, the players would find all of it is just a dream.
The flowing of cavern time, the future and past, the Draenor of “parallel world” 35 years ago…. what do you think about all of those concepts about time in WOW?