Age Wulin ready for another expansion

The orc leered at the boy, his skull- face grinning hideously. The boy coughed again, but did not quail from the orc’s regard. Slowly, with dignity, he straightened, his milky eyes darting from the orc to the man.

Webzen martial arts MMORPG, Age of Wulin, is preparing to drop later this month, another expansion June 16. Entitled “Chapter VI: Blood and Flowers”, this expansion provided Peak City battlefield arena, for those who have completed Chapter 5, item high level players adds a new instance, and adds new cooperation partner system to encourage players to unite.

Peak City will open the door to competitors signed up to join the battlefield. Players will be randomly assigned to the three factions to determine their own goals in the game and you start fighting camp assignments. In the city or defend the city are spread out on the table in factional distribution.

Changing flower palace added some mystery, because it would open the door once a month factional top players in different categories, and let these players to compete for the title of Prince of flowers. To win the championship, you will receive access Yihua Gong, a new title, new clothing, and get a new ancient skills.

PVE-ERS for you there, the island joy instances continue to meet the ship from Oncorhynchus sword laid the story in Chapter 5.

Finally, the new social foundation partner system that allows players to unite, to earn loyalty. You can even summon your friends into battle, and to understand their combat and internal skills as well.

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