The Chosen Commander

People at Runescape have posted consumers final mission in the long term quest series, recapping previous events and guiding players towards the final chapter.

Since Dorgesh-Kaan made connection with the top, the cave goblin adventurer Zanik has helped to defend the location from Sigmund’s villainous plots. RuneScape gold. Now Zanik has disappeared, her fate and whereabouts unknown, and Dorgesh-Kaan might be more vulnerable than ever.

Captain Undak on the Dorgeshuun guard is responsible for the city’s defences, and that he needs your assist to investigate a possible HAM attack – but this can only are the start of this adventure. The mystery of Zanik’s disappearance will probably be resolved, as well as the truth behind a goblin prophecy will likely be revealed, as events move inexorably for the realisation of Zanik’s destiny. Your adventures would include the invention of any new Agility course, learning more to do with the in the Dorgeshuun, and uncovering the plots of the Big High War God.

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