Behind The Scenes In January 2015

Today Jagex has released the new plans for the new Runescape in January 2015. In addition to new boss pets you expect the revision of rare and elementary prey lists as well as the expansion of the harbor player. Read on if you want to know more!
Boss Pets
26 mini-versions of some of the most fearsome creatures from the game? Yes, please! It is the biggest update for new pets, which we have implemented incantation into play since the publication of the craft, but these little villains are much more exclusive than usual.
You only get it as a rare drop by defeating their larger, more dangerous counterparts in the game. A huge range of new pets waiting for you, including a mini-Nex, mini-Araxxi and the fantastic looking tiny queens Black Dragon.
We are planning a revision of the loot lists, this time at the elementary and rare loot list, which refers to hundreds of creatures in the game. Many of the older, slightly more bizarre loot items are removed from the game and replaced by much more useful objects such as bones, bars, uncut gems and potions. Among the creatures that are affected include, among other things, jelly, Dust Devil Devil and water.
Hati and Sköll
The wolf pack is back and plagued the Fremennik tribe once again with his sharp teeth and blutgefrierendem whining. You will only be for a few weeks in January in the game, so take heed that ye find them during this time, so that you can you get Eirs spear and helmet.
It offers you nice XP rewards in a range of skills, as well as some pretty great ornaments, if you have not brought you this in past years.
Players port expansion – The guardians of the world
Our main update in January is a huge expansion of the players ports for which you decide you had her in the most competitive coordination of last year. Skill, Dungeoneering and mysticism will be the associated skills, so you need at least level 90 in one or more of these skills to use these game content.
But perhaps the best aspect of this update is the ability to complete missions without having to return to the harbor player, which you can manage your player harbor a lot easier as you normally carries on with your Scapen. There will also be a number of small improvements that you get really wind in the sails.
We will introduce 3 new crazy adventure – an eyeless man who is possessed by a mask, a girl, which consists entirely of mystical energy, and plagued by guilt Gorajo in exile. They all have unique missions and connections to the strange sea creatures that roam the eastern seas.
For new equipment include two-handed weapon Level 85: a katana wakizashi and for close combat and a Seesänger wand and a Seesänger Ball for magic. There will also be completely new scrimshaw for fishing.
We will also introduce new ‘Note missions’, where you will find cryptic clues to hidden islands. Once you’ve discovered it, you can visit them regularly to improve your stats to remove Captain attributes and possibly find Tengu trim equipment.
In addition, you’ll get more access to other building improvements player port itself, which really look great AND have an impact on your success in your missions.
Salomon shop
Coming Soon RuneScape – RuneLabs!
Earlier this year, we will publish the RuneLabs: our new action to bring ‘Player of the power’ to the next level. You will able to submit your ideas using a completely new system and the proposals that receive the most support from your fellow players are then reviewed by us and – possibly – integrated in the game!

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