Petition To See New Engine Welcome A New Server In Anarchy Online

The long-running success of Funcom’s science-fiction MMORPG game Anarchy Online is set to continue following a recent update that provided the community with the option of downloading an new engine version of the game on the live servers. The installer itself is a little under 5 GB but the full installation size is a little heftier, coming in at around 23 GB.

The new engine update impacts practically every area of the game with smoother combat, a noticeable improvement in graphical quality, smoother transitions and better loading times. For full details on the engine check out the official patch notes.

Just before the update was live members of the Anarchy Online took to Reddit to share their sentiments on a potential fresh start server to take full advantage of the new engine, although official stance on the topic is yet to be made clear.

Know I’m not the only one around here who used to play AO like it was EverCrack. However, since I’ve been gone so long I feel completely disconnected from the current live server. Would it be of interest to launch a NEW server, kind of akin to the whole “Time Locked” craze going on right now except it isn’t a TLP server….just a normal everything-unlocked new server :D?


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Gran Atlas Chapter 2: Astronomy Heading To Uncharted Waters Online

OGPlanet are excited to announce the next highly anticipated update for the free-to-play MMORPG Uncharted Waters Online, with the upcoming release of Gran Atlas Chapter 2 Astronomy, available to all players today June 25th. To celebrate the launch of Uncharted Waters Online latest expansion the developers today revealed an exciting new event that will see players unlock a variety of rare and valuable rewards via a new log-in event that promises new and exciting rewards each and every day.

Furthermore all new players exploring Uncharted Waters Online for the first time will be treated to a massive double experience points boost for any of the Adventure, Trade or Battle missions currently below level 35 – each counted separately. All players will be happy to hear of a huge 1.5 times Skill Proficiency increase rate that has been applied as a permanent buff.

For the first time in the MMO’s long history Gran Atlas Chapter 2: Astronomy will see the introduction of the new Astronomy skill that offers players the opportunity to search the realistic night sky in search of new constellations. Last up a new Aide Officer system has also been introduced, finally allowing high level aides to enter the fray and join the Royal Fleet.


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