First Neverwinter expand arrived August 22

Arthas had never been more embarrassed in his life. Tears of shame burned in his eyes, and he blinked them back hard. Without even bothering to put away the wooden sword, he fled the room.

Perfect World Entertainment and secret studio is pleased to announce that the freedom of movement has been widely acclaimed MMORPG Neverwinter, the Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms, from Wizards of the coast of the universe is set to launch its first Extend, anger Feywild of on August 22, 2013 this free module allows players to explore Sharandar enchanted woods, play the Sun and Moon Elf, collect new weapons and items, get new awards, encounter new creatures, and so on.

“We are very pleased to announce that our first free expansion release date – we and D & D fans said module – Neverwinter to say:” secret studio’s CEO, Jack Emmert. “Come August 22, we launched our first expansion than two months from launch;. Cool, new and exciting content is the production and expansion of a persistent heart of the world is our goal. provide fascinating and constantly update our players, so they always have some new discovery in the game. Wrath of Feywild first came Neverwinter many modules. ”

Feywild, the first module Neverwinter, Wrath is described by the Fomorian Giants attempt to capture the spirit outpost Sharandar a free content expansion. About anger Feywild the more details can be found on the official website.

“This new content Neverwinter continues to support our Creator fantastic experience digital D & D purposes,” Nathan Stewart, brand director of D & D at Wizards of the Coast said. “Neverwinter is one of the landscape and Feywild Wrath D & D of the most iconic is a fantastic addition to maintaining this wonderful story.”

Perfect World Entertainment is also pleased to announce the first details of Feywild package theNeverwinter knights and Feywild Starter Pack. Starting today, fans of Neverwinter can get their hands on two new packages that will help them in their task through Sharandar.

Feywild package Available in two versions:

Feywild package Knight
Knight fees Feywild package $ $ 59.99 (worth $ 149.99), and provide adventure and virtual items to help them in their pursuit of glory:

Unique “Moon Elf” race
Unique “Dawn Unicorn ‘Mount
Unique “SYLPH partner”
New Moonsilver vestments fashion suit
Loamweave charm
Earth Stone
Unique ‘Feywild Knight “in the title game
An extra character slot
Adventurer aide package that contains six different types of items within the game
600 000 Astral Diamonds, a game currency
Feywild Starter Pack
Feywild starter package priced at $ 19.99 US dollars (worth $ 49.99), and provide adventure and virtual items to help them in their pursuit of glory:

Unique “gateway hound ‘companion
Feywild hunter ring
Fine silk bag Elves
Adventurer aide package that contains six different types of items within the game
To take advantage of these components provided.

Neverwinter is a free action MMORPG, has a fast-paced action combat epic dungeon. In Neverwinter players to explore the surrounding countryside and the vast city, learning vivid historical landmark of the city and against its many enemies. In Neverwinter, players can also create your own tasks and activities of the foundry, tools, user-generated content. Casting tasks and stories can be seamlessly integrated into the game world scene.

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PLAY NEVERWINTER FOR FREEThe upside of having a system to vote-kick players in Neverwinter is that abusive players can be identified and removed from a run before they ruin the experience. The downside is that players can also vote to kick out others just as loot is being distributed, thereby opening the doors to a whole different sort of abuse. Thus, the game’s vote-to-kick system is being revised in the near future to curb loot-related exploits.

Vote-kicking players will no longer be possible while loot is being rolled for or while players are in the middle of a boss fight, thus preventing two rather common forms of griefing. The change will be rolled out shortly before the Strongholds patch on the PC, with an Xbox patch and announcement coming “soon.” Hopefully, this will curtail abuse of the abuse-prevention system, because nothing is ever easy.


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