hare your RuneScape memories 2

“I became component of Devious Mud beta program, though I like the pre-eoc servers. Hell, even pre-ge times were great, going to world 2 would be a beast though, looking to decipher who’s selling or buying what.”
“I recall messing around with friends in the past, doing quests and seeing how the game got a lot more “fancy”. one day just playing like every other day, then *BOOM* fancy update appeared.But a few things i remember above all would be the endless hours i oftentimes tried, killing lesser demons back before EoC.”
” I remember if your boogey bow was F2P. Full rune costs around ~180k gp. Holiday events that was entirely F2P, everyone got each of the possible rewards from it. The old dance emote. The old armor looks with the plumes. Muddy key would have been a myth it can be expensive. That Jagex said Runescape 2 can be FREE, these days there are Runescape 3 for F2P and P2P and Runescape 2(Old school) is made for P2P.”
“Going before they said RS2 would remain free if people voted because of it, the trainer told us Runescape 2 would Be free. Whether or not this was always free, they don’t really must have people vote into it, the having people voting correctly was an forced choice give RS2 the opportunity to turn to P2P, if it works out P2P, the members can’t really blame Jagex because of it. The voting so that it is F2P was just to have increased revenue(whether it proved P2P) and free advertisement since people would mention it to people and attempt to cause them to become vote.”
“When every moment was set with planning, action ,and excitement where Guards has a purpose and you also could possibly be attacked anywhere. When training on Black Knights was the important challenge.”
“I remember the times people use dragon claws/armadyl godsword special attack to knock cold others in pvp(wildy, soul wars, etc) that slice and dice(4 swift slashes) or the judgement(1 powerful slash) can deal lots of destruction of opponent with a few game ticks
and all sorts of other Rs Goldspecial attacks(e.g. korasi sword, saradomin sword, etc)…truly amazing
Jagex, you made EoC into RS(removed special attack), have you forgetten to feature passive effect towards the weapons that had special attack? (I appreciate you add the passive effects into godswords, but you have forgotten dragon claws, saradomin sword, and whatever else that falls into this)”

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