RS Summer Special Membership Comes with Enlightenment Aura & Cosmic Foresight

Are you a member of RS 3? Well, yes or not, it is good time to get cheaper membership with the coming of summer special membership! The three-month membership package will only charge for 2-month price, while bringing you Enlightenment aura, Cosmic Foresight and more contents. Stock cheap rs 3 gold and be ready for this summer’s red-hot contents!
Available contents for this summer special membership

Summer in RuneScape is a membership promotion offering benefits to those who purchase a special membership package. As usual, this summer in RuneScape brings players many contents, including Tuska, a Grandmaster quest about Seren, Raids, and a whole lot more. In addition, you will also access to Enlightenment aura and benefit from Cosmic Foresight. Note that the package is available from 26th May and the three-month membership will begin on June 1 and end on August 31.

1. According to the previous announcement, the Enlightenment aura will be reduced to one hour. But as usual, it will be activated one time per week, grant you double XP gains. Note that the aura, and it will recharge (finish its cool down) every Wednesday.

2. Cosmic Foresight will be activates automatically during this three months, giving you a chance for a meteorite, inside which you’ll be able to gain a healthy lump of XP, as well as a mysterious relic. You can use this relic for benefits coming in a future update, or crush it for a little XP.

Details of buying the special membership package

1. Price: Gold Premier Club member or players who have been a member for 12 months consecutively as of 10:00 UTC on 26th May 2015 will be given the aura and Cosmic Foresight for free, while others need to buy it at a price of two-month membership.
2. Payment way: credit card, PayPal, red 90/100 day game cards, or any alternative payment methods. What’s more, it can be purchased for RS3 or OSRS with 5 Bonds, which is good for people that exchange runescape gold for bond membership. Note that Old School Bonds redemption is not available until 28th May.
3. Available buying time: it is available to buy until mid-July. Only thing to note here is that the aura and Cosmic Foresight will cease to give their benefits on the 31st August, regardless of time of buying.

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