You may not Skyforge first beta of July?

A table, long and heavy and carved, occupied most of the space in the room. It could have hosted three dozen easily. Only three figures sat at the table now: a man, an orc, and a boy.

Under Skyforge first closed beta test, CBT4, is expected to hit sometime in June. While Obsidian Entertainment No exact date for the free to play MMORPG published next test, they at least tell us, the last month of June in the Facebook post.

The development team also implies a previous post summer beta. Put it all together, if you’re waiting for the beta, you’ve got a July / August window to wait. However, the community manager, spunky, took Skyforge forum confirmed yesterday, CBT4 will in fact be the last closed beta test of the game, unless a terrible mistake. He went on to say, “…… CBT4 CBT event will be the last beta before. That being said, the time difference between CBT4 and OBT will depend on how CBT4 go.”

Maybe I read between the lines a little bit, but it sounds very much like we will see Skyforge beta sometime in July. I want to say about the 13th July, if I had to put money down on it. For me, this is not possible the game will not have any major problems, it will delay things to see in the game is a leading North American beta test phase of overseas operation. This combination spunky kind of comments pointed out that they may not want to put too much time in between CBT4 and beta.

It sounds like the best time frame in my book Skyforge possible. With the expansion of FFXIV decline this month and WildStar go free in the fall to play (not to mention a GW2 expand on the horizon), July beta to a small space Skyforge room itself as a major release in the free play and MMO whole space as a whole.

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