Dying Light teases buggies in DLC round-up video

In a new video that could’ve been titled “gosh, look how much we’ve added to Dying Light over the last six months,” Techland offer a short tease of further additions.

It’s a very short tease, coming at the very end of the trailer and lasting about 20 seconds, but shows a chap revving a dune buggy. Buggies have been teased before (back in March, I think,) but look like they’re about to get included in the near future. Those with a better knowledge of Dying Light weapons than me may also be able to tell whether the gun shown in the buggy segment is new.

Producer Tymon Smektala says that this next add-on is something Techland have been “secretly working on since the release of the game.”

“This is Dying Light from totally new angle, but with everything fans love about the original still at the core,” he adds.

A new angle, hmm? Some sort of Carmageddon-like dune buggy racing with added zombie smashing? Perhaps.

Whatever it is, it’ll be getting an airing at Gamescom in early August. A “public reveal” will follow after that (if the news doesn’t just leak out from the trade show.) For now, here’s the video.


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A distance that may be jumped. Luckily the developers were nice enough to provide players with an electrical grappling hook. This allows each player to one by one swing between platforms, Or even to focus on another player and pull them towards.

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Is it feasible i could load windows properly if i just disable

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While the first phase of closed beta was primarily US players, WildStar’s now choosing not to discriminate based on geographical location for choosing the second round of beta participants. The lucky ones in will get to play a new faction, aim for a slightly higher level cap of 30, and try out new features like “Mentoring.” Take a look inside for the lowdown. Spellslingers are deadly and dangerous pistoleers, often found beyond the Fringe working as bounty hunters, bodyguards, and guns-for-hire..

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Hours later, they met on the Field of Kazor, a massive gladiatorial arena in the ancient city of Red River. The duel was fierce and brutal, and the swords of the two combatants were soon stained with blood. In the end, the Luminai emperor’s skill and training overcame Zhur’s ferocity and strength.

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